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Calls for Action to Improve the Safety of Cyclists

National cycling charity Cycling UK has welcomed the publication of a report that identifies a loophole allowing thousands of drivers with 12 points or more on their licences to continue driving.

The report, by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, contains 14 recommendations for action, predominantly by Government or the police, that it believes are necessary to reduce danger on the roads and improve cyclists' safety.

One of the key recommendations is the urgent need to close a legal loophole which allows over 8,500 people to continue driving, despite having 12 or more points on their licences, the point at which an obligatory six month driving ban should kick in. 

Cycling UK agrees with the reports’ findings and reminder that “Driving is a privilege, not a right”, and has urged all political parties as they campaign to lead the next Government to take road safety seriously, and incorporate the cross-party inquiry’s recommendations into their manifestos.

“Last year, national headlines lamented the tragic case of cyclist Lee Martin, whose death was in part a consequence of the justice system putting one person's right to drive above the safety of other road users,” explained Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK’s Senior Road Safety and Legal Campaigns officer.

“Rightly this cross-party group of MPs and Peers has identified the problems that affect us all – whether we’re driving, cycling or walking – and made sensible recommendations to make our roads safer,” he said.

“Cycling UK welcomes the ambition of the report's recommendations, and believes it should set the road safety agenda for the next Government,” he added. “We hope politicians of all parties will be able to support them, and work together to prevent avoidable and dangerous incidents on our roads.”

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