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HSE Launches New Health and Work Strategy

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a new strategy for health in Britain’s workplaces.

The launch comes at a time when stress and musculoskeletal disorders account for around 80% of all working time lost due to illness.

Statistics from the HSE show that there are around 12,000 deaths each year from occupational lung diseases, accounting for 90% of estimated deaths related to past exposures at work.

Last year, work related illness affected around 1.3 million workers and nearly 26 million working days were lost because of it. The economic costs are stark – totalling over £9 billion per year for new cases alone – not including ongoing costs from working conditions of the past.

With an increasing emphasis on health issues in recent years, it is estimated that a quarter of all HSE enforcement notices issued to duty holders concern issues around health in the workplace.

The HSE is using the new strategy launch event to highlight its key points, and encourage stakeholders representing employers, employees, professional/expert bodies and colleagues in Government, to engage on the strategy through digital webinars, email bulletins and social media.

The HSE is also highlighting the key role it plays in keeping the country’s workforce working well by providing practical expertise in occupational health issues, and by delivering preventative interventions and guidance and enforcement action for industries as diverse as agriculture, construction and offshore energy.

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