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Many Young Drivers Consider Themselves Unsafe on the Roads

As many as 40% of young drivers consider themselves to be unsafe on the road, new research by Continental Tyres has found.

Road traffic accidents are one of the biggest killers of young people, but according to the research, 47% of drivers in the 17-24 age-group don’t think they are taught enough about how to stay safe on the roads.

They also admit to a lack of knowledge about driving-safety basics. Around 50% said they wouldn’t know how to accomplish simple safety precautions like checking their tyres, and less than half are aware of the legal tyre tread limit.

“Every day in the UK, around nine people die or are seriously injured from a road accident that involves a young car driver,” commented Mark Griffiths, safety expert at Continental Tyres. “It is vital for 17 to 24 year olds to receive adequate road safety information as they learn to drive, setting them up for a lifetime of safe motoring.”

When asked what measures could be implemented to improve their safety and that of other road users, 70% said better education, 38% thought more enforcement such as harsher penalties and 36% suggested making routine safety checks a feature of the driving test.

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